Hi, I'm Bjorn.

I’m a digital marketer, entrepreneur, adventurer, truth seeker, and content marketing expert.

I help entrepreneurs learn how to brand themselves and sell more of their product or service online.

My goal is help as many passionate entrepreneurs as possible put themselves out there and let the world know they exist. And tell their story and change the world.

Connect who you are to what you do and create brand YOU.

I use what I know about marketing, messaging, branding, and even psychology to help entrepreneurs and business owners like you make the most out of their marketing and websites to strike the deepest connection possible between you and your potential customers or clients.

My experience goes back to 2011 when I started my first 5 star local reviewed web agency Self Image Media and was managing partner at MySMN and DigitalBiz.

my agency

Lion Bear Media 

Providing creative branding and result driven marketing ideas and strategies. Using search marketing, social media, and paid advertising to bring clients results that increase ROI. Creating websites that provide a great user-experience, modern in design, and convert your marketing efforts.

Access the blueprint to branding yourself, finding your niche, building your sales funnel empire and selling more online.

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