The Brand YOU Accelerator Mentorship Program is for Entrepreneurs  Who Are Serious About Building a Brand Around Themselves and Growing Their Business Online.

Are you ready to build your online empire?

You’ve got that thing. That product. That service. That big idea. That online business dream.

If you’re like me, your favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the FREEDOM.

And with that freedom you can make the money YOU want to make.

Because, let's face it — you didn’t start your own online business to spend your days ...

Not Having Purpose

Not Having Freedom

Not Making Money

You’d rather spend your days...

Fulfilling Your Purpose

Having More Freedom

Making MORE Money

I created the accelerator mentorship program for YOU — the online business owner who wants to attract more awareness towards their product or service, build more authority online, create content that sells, and drive more traffic and sales.

There are people in your audience who need your help — they just need a clear offer and a way to give you money. Let's make it easy for them to do that.

Why this program?

Hands On Help

Setting up your online accounts, sales funnel, email automation, marketing strategy, and package delivering all your digital assets.

One on One Coaching

4 1 hour calls to help clarify your vision, anwser your questions, and make sure I have everything I need to start working for you.

Customized for YOU

Based on your purpose, your industry, your niche, your target audience, your messaging, and your overall online business goals.

Who is this program for?

Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists

Real Estate and Financial Experts

Influencers and Entertainers

Teachers and Speakers

Local Business Owners

Coaches and Consultants

If you don’t give people a compelling reason why they should even pay attention to you, let alone do business with you, then you’re missing the whole point behind creating a Brand YOU.

What exactly is included in this program?

Each module below (1-7) comes digitally delivered with all your tools, strategies, and helpful tutorials.

Clarify Your Vision


Making the connection between who you are and what you do. Discovering your passion and purpose.

Find Your Niche


What makes you different in your industry. Find your target audience and what to sell them.

Create Your Offer


Putting together an offer that you provides value and helps build your email list of potential customers.

Build Your Sales Funnel


Setting up your hosting, funnel software, building your landing page, and helping you plug in the content.

Build Email Automation


Account setup, email lists, groups, building your template. Connecting your automation to your sales funnel.

Social Media Optimization


Set up accounts, designing page banners, creating bios, organizing hashtags, and optimization.

Content Marketing Strategy


The type of content you will create and post every month. The tools you will need to get started and be consistent. 

Finalize Digital Assets


Take everything from our discovery, marketing strategy, account logins, tutorials, and package them together.

Launch and Start Driving Traffic


You now have all your digital assets organized and ready to be executed. Time to start driving traffic and make $.



Call 1


Learning about YOU, your story, your purpose, your passion, your work, your vision, and discovering your online goals.

call 2


Go over all the things you will need to setup and optimize online. This includes your sales funnel, social media, and content.

call 3


Putting together your content marketing plan that includes video, photos, captions, hashtags, ad copy, and email automation.

call 4


Organzing all your online digital assets (logins and tutorials) and the Brand YOU template we created together. 

But wait! There's one more bonus.

Your very own custom 8X11 Brand YOU eMagazine Cover.

Print it, frame it, and share it online!

create brand you

Hi, I'm Bjorn

Here is why I am so passionate about this mentorship program.

I find my passion and purpose by serving other entrepreneurs.
i know the fear of putting yourself out there for the world to see.
i know the fulfillment you get when you build your own business online.

Why work with me?

  • Experience
    Back in 2011 I started my first local web agency Self Image Media and from there started another branding agency DigitalBiz.
  • Track Record
    I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs get online, build a brand, and drive more traffic and sales.
  • How I can Help
    I use what I know about marketing, branding, and even psychology to help entrepreneurs like you strike the deepest connection possible between you and your potential customers or clients.

What People Are Saying About My Program

matt hersh

“Seamlessly integrated my personal brand and business brand”

I’ve been in the online marketing game for years. I’ve worked with 4 marketing agencies and hired various marketers. All of them were helpful in some way but Bjorn was the first person to show me how I could seamlessly integrate my personal brand and business brand – and how they are actually one in the same. This is a principle that has taken my marketing to the next level, increased sales, and allowed me have more fun in my life because I know that the my lifestyle contributes to my business and brand. In the 2020 age, I firmly believe that every business owner, leader, and human who has a message to share and impact to make, first needs Brand You.

Matt Hersh
- Business Coach
the real deal

“Connected who I am to what I do and build a brand ..."

Our mission at Real Deal is to empower you to realize your full potential, become the best version of yourself, and show you that anything is possible. Bjorn helped me connect who I am to what I do and understand how to improve my own marketing along with Real Deal’s. Being authentic and passionate around my personal brand and The Real Deal brand has already produced more awareness and sales for our online products.

Craig Levi
- Real Deal Nutrition

If you feel this program is for YOU and you are

 Serious About Building a Brand Around Yourself and

Growing Your Business Online ...

...then take action NOW and click the link below to start the application process and see if you are good for the Brand YOU Accelerator Program.

A few more testimonials from happy clients ...

"There's a reason why I've worked with Bjorn for long ..."

Bjorn's branding, social media, and advertising strategies has been a huge help to the growth and prosperity of my Property Management and Real Estate Investing businesses.

Andrew Grinnell
- Owner of Sunset Property Management and Realty

"Having the right marketing expert is crucial to my business ..."

As a local business owner I need the outside expertise to stand out from my competition. I've been working with Bjorn for over a year on improving my local search marketing efforts, growing my YouTube channel, and landing pages. I highly recommend him to any business owner I know.

Brandon Baril
- Owner of Quick Water Heater

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There’s a full money-back guarantee. After the first 15 days, if you feel like you haven’t received the value of the program to build a brand around yourself and grow a business online, then simply hand in your materials and receive a full refund.

P.S. Success is YOUR only option — TOGETHER we're going to make sure of it.

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